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Khách sạn Alba Huế

Khách sạn Alba Huế

12 Đường Nguyễn Văn Cừ, Huế, Thừa Thiên Huế, Việt Nam

Khu vực: Sông Hương, Trung Tâm TP Huế

Hài lòng 6.6

(5 đánh giá)

Khách sạn Alba Huế
Kiểm tra phòng trống Khách sạn Alba Huế
Loại phòng Ghi chú giá phòng Tối đa Giá / đêm Số phòng Đặt phòng
Liên hệ 1900 6068
Đánh giá Khách sạn Alba Huế
Có tổng cộng 5 đánh giá

Arrival was good, reception smiling and helpful. The rest was all bad. Breakfast was terrible and definitelly not up to standards, the spa was not working and you could say location is not that good as there is absolutely nothing around the hotel. Better to stay near Vo Thi So. We booked a car to go to Hoi An but they kept changing their prices, the driver didn't speak English and didn't know his way ! We missed the stop at Lang Co Beach and had to pick up someone to help translate. All that for at least twice the regular price !!

Hotel is close to Phu Xuan bridge, however, there are not too many restaurants around. We rented a motorbike from the hotel to visit the royal tombs and find restaurant. If you go on the DMZ group tour, check if breakfast is included or not. We were picked up at 6 am but we actually left the city only at 7:30 because they took us to a windy place to have breakfast (we already had it in our hotel), and after that our bus picked us some more tourists who were lucky to sleep for one more hour!!

Decent hotel, not to be confused with Hue Queen Hotel. Rooms were a decent size and fairly well priced. Hotel is however a little out of the way which can make it hard to find, but overall it was a decent stay

Khách sạn Huế Queen 2 nằm gần khu trung tâm, thuận tiện cho vịêc đi lại. Nhân viên niềm nở, tận tình

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